Everything that You Need to Know About EB-5 Visa

There are a lot of ways in which you can become a US citizen. All these will need you to comply so that you will be guaranteed your citizenship. You have things that you need to attain in all to have the visa. Most of these will be common. You need to follow the laws of the country and not to have been involved in any crime. One of the ways in which you can attain US citizenship will be through an EB-5 visa. It needs you to invest in the country for you to gain permanent residency. Below are some of the things that you need to know about EB-5 citizenship. Visit this website to check out eb 5 visa investment opportunities now!

You will have the minimum amount that is set for you to invest in the US for you to gain citizenship through EB-5. You will be required to invest in about one million dollars in the country. You, however, can invest five million US dollars if you opt to invest in the US rural, where they have an employment rate of 150 percent of the country’s average. You will thus be needed to create at least ten job opportunities in those areas through your investment.

Another thing that you will require to know about the EB-5 visa is the number of spots that are offered each year. You have a number that is set by the US Immigration Department on the number of people who will gain citizenship through the EB-5 visa. In a fiscal year, they offer ten thousand spots for people to apply for EB-5 citizenship in the US. Become a US citizen now! Click here to find out how.

You will have various ways in which you can invest in the US for you to gain EB-5 citizenship. You can choose to come up with your own investment that will create jobs in the country and thus improving the economy, or you also can invest through regional centers that are provided by the authorities, which will also impact positively on the economy.

When you have had your application considered, you will need to apply for conditional residence. The conditional residence will see you get two years as an investor in the US. Within that time, you will need to have created at least ten jobs for the people in the country. After the conditional residence expires, you will then be able to apply for permanent residence. If you have met all the requirements, you can then become a US national.

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Everything that You Need to Know About EB-5 Visa